Hello followers this is a little bit about me Charity Caldwell/ Ms. Soul tree. I was born and raised in California and have been acting & singing every since the age of six. I have a very strong passion for acting & singing that passion was nurtured by a family of talented & musically gifted people. I am currently an Actress & Independent Artist with the goal to expand my acting & music career. I believe what will make me such a competitive actress is i been through alot of ups & downs which works to my advantage in the acting world, I am able to connect to alot of characters roles. Musically I have a lot to write about plus I write my own material. I believe the world can relate to my music. At the age of sixteen I had the opportunity to sign with A & M RECORDS but unfortunately their were complications with our group so that endeavor ended but, now I am back strong as ever as an actress/ artist ready to go after what I love to do acting & music.